Digg Reader launched in beta yesterday, with the Digg team making sure its first wave of users were aware it was “very much” a beta release. The alternative to Google Reader was launched initially to those who filled out surveys, which in turn helped develop Digg Reader, and additional invites would be sent out over the next few days. But it looks like you could jump into the Digg Reader fun now that Digg has updated its iOS application to bring its newly-launched RSS service to mobile.

Instead of offering a dedicated Digg Reader application, Digg offered its Reader along with existing Digg content as the iOS application will pull articles from your favorite publishers and blogs. Users can also digg feeds so they can continue to receive regular updates on trending topics. The digging of articles then helps Digg site what topics are currently trending on the service, which also helps Digg refine its Popular Sort.

With the inevitable closure of Google Reader, a number of companies are scrambling to offer their own RSS feed service to help those users who will be without their previous RSS reader starting next month. At this point, Feedly seems to be the most popular service, but with Digg Reader’s release, that could certainly change in the next couple of weeks.

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