Digg has been trying to make a comeback for quite some time as the once popular news aggregator certainly pales in comparison to sites like Reddit or StumbleUpon. But the website is rolling out a new video service, called Digg Video, that the site is hoping will put them back in the hearts and minds of those who enjoy a good news aggregator, especially if they’re looking for viral videos.

Digg Video will bring together popular video content from Facebook, Twitter and, of course, Digg, to allow the reader to make their way through videos that are currently being shared at a large rate to other users on these social networking sites. Digg Videos are curated from site editors, who go out an actively search for content to feature on the service. This is implemented so there’s no way to artifically boost a video to the top of Digg Video, which was a problem Digg experienced during it’s more popular days.

Digg Video is currently only accessible through a computer’s web browser, although Digg plans to roll its Video service to dedicated iOS and Android applications in the near future. If you’re the kind of person who likes a good viral video, maybe you should give Digg Video a shot.

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