It was back in March when we first heard that Digg wanted to create its own Google Reader alternative. Google announced that it was going to shut down its RSS reader on 1st July, and since then, many alternatives have materialized. The Digg Reader is expected to stand out from the fray, and maybe it will, we’ll know come June 26th. They’ve announced that version 1 of Digg Reader goes live next week, with everyone getting access on the aforementioned date. Digg says that their aim with this new service is to provide a clear, simple, fast and functional reading experience on mobile and web. Digg Reader will also have a feature that will allow users to push stories they deem to be important, to the top.

Verizon 1 of Digg Reader will allow users to easily migrate their feeds and folders from Google Reader. There will be support for key actions such as saving, organizing, subscribing and sharing. Reading experience will focus squarely on articles, images, posts and videos themselves. There will be mobile apps as well that will sync with Digg Reader’s web version. Digg says that in the 60 days following launch, they’ll be working on an Android app, speed, integration with third party services like Buffer, Evernote etc as well as better tools for sorting, filtering and ranking feeds. It will also start working on notifications and search capability. Digg Reader is going to be a ‘freemium’ product, it has been clarified that all features in version 1 and the ones that are yet to come, will be available for free.

This sounds like quite an alternative for Google Reader. Facebook is rumored to be working on its own RSS reader offering, which it is supposedly going to unveil on June 20th, at an intimate event inside its Menlo Park headquarters. So even if you’re sad about Google shutting down Reader, there’a lot to look forward to right now.

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