It is common courtesy to switch off your mobile phones during a movie, or at the very least put it on silent so as not to disturb other moviegoers. While the loud ringing and the subsequent talking on the phone is distracting, the brightness from your phone’s display can also prove to be annoying, especially if the film is shot in a rather dark location. However it seems that in Dutch director’s Bobby Boermans’ horror movie, App, moviegoers are actually encouraged to whip out their mobile devices to help enhance their experience.

There will be an accompanying app for the movie (rather aptly titled, we have to admit) that will act as a second screen for the movie and will deliver content as the movie goes on, such as providing information about the actors, the movie, the rest of the cast, and will additional details at select points throughout the movie. The app is available for both iOS and Android, so those on Windows Phone or Blackberry 10 will have to sit this one out. The movie is pegged for a 4th of April release, but no word if it plans to hit international screens and if its accompanying app will follow. In the meantime you can check out the trailer of the movie above.

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