Gears of War: Judgment is just a week and a half away from its release, which means we can expect to learn a little bit more about Kilo Squad before the events that occurred during Gears of War even happened. The game takes place immediately after Emergence Day and its Kilo Squad’s mission, nay, their duty to save Halvo Bay from the unstoppable Locust.

Gears of War: Judgment’s debut TV commercial may not have impressed us, but the game’s new cinematic trailer more than makes up for it as you can certainly feel the tension that’s building up in the game from the opening sequence. I mean, we see Baird salute someone and then get punched in the face and dragged off to stand trial. Then, all hell breaks lose as the Locust attack during Baird’s trial.

The cinematic trailer also highlights some of the multiplayer action we can expect in Gears of War: Judgment, which introduces a class-based multiplayer mode in addition to tons of explosions and blood. Two things Gears of War players already know is a staple of the series.

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