We’re not sure what’s been up with tech companies and their inability to allow users who rely on their suite of cloud-based services to get any work done to continually function properly as just a few weeks ago, Apple’s iCloud experienced issues for hours, and today Google’s Drive has been reportedly having issues.

Fortunately, it seems the outages are intermittent and won’t affect all Google Drive users at this time, but a number of users are reporting being unable to access particular folders, while at the same time, being able to access other folders without experiencing any issues at all. Some other users are having completely no issues with their Google Drive, but instead are having issues signing in with their Google Apps account. The last of the users aren’t even able to access Google Drive entirely as they get a “502 error” for an extended period of time.

Google is currently aware of the situation as they’ve updated their Google Apps dashboard to reflect its Google Drive is experiencing a “service disruption.” If you use the service for business, it could be a long, unproductive day if you’re caught in the cone of service disruption.

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