Yes, Google Glass is going to be the next potential big thing that will cause a great divide among privacy advocates, as a dive bar in Seattle has already introduced a ban on Google Glass before it has even been released officially, with very good reasons backing up that decision. Well, Google did make an appearance in Texas at South By Southwest (SXSW) on Monday, making the announcement that Google Glass will come with its very own library of apps that users are able to pick and choose from, including a voice controlled app library.

It is also emphasized that apps which were specially developed for Google Glass will be heavily condensed, stressing on the device’s voice, camera, and text-to-speech capabilities as the main strengths. For instance, news apps including The New York Times will show headlines, where you can then “read” the full story simply by speaking an instruction to Glass for it to read aloud. What do you think of such developments where Google Glass is concerned? Will it be able to take off in the big way that Google envisions, or will it be a flop like the Nexus Q?

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