Gramophones for the most part have been relegated to furniture pieces, put on display to add that touch of retro to the room. Now the good news is that if you’re looking to shake things up as far as your home audio setup is concerned, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of buying vinyl records, audiophiles Pavan Bapu and Jeff Parrish have come up with a device called the Gramovox. On the surface it appears to be a regular gramophone, but underneath it lies a Bluetooth radio which is in place of physical media. This will allow listeners to pair their Bluetooth compatible devices, such as smartphones or tablets, with the Gramovox and play music through this.


The reason behind the creation of the Gramovox was inspired by “natural” smartphone sound systems where the sound from smartphone speakers are amplified by relying on natural acoustics, as opposed to plugging it to a set of speakers. No word on when the Gramovox will be released but we have to admit it looks pretty cool if you’re into vintage/retro devices. There has not been any mention of price either, but its creators are aiming for a Q3 release, so head on over to their website to sign up for updates, or check out the video above for more information.

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