I am not quite sure which planet you live on, but if you happen to run Windows 8 as your operating system of choice and use Internet Explorer 10 as your primary Web browser, then perhaps reading about a couple of major exploits appearing on Internet Explorer 10 might scare you into switching over to other browser alternatives. It seems that these two exploits can be used to hijack Windows 8 from its owners, at least according to a French computer security firm.


It seems that these two zero day flaws in Internet Explorer 10 were discovered during a hacking conference. VUPEN Security tweeted accordingly as you can see above, and also mentioned that folks using Mozilla’s Firefox are not exempt, as a somewhat similar exploit enabled them “to bypass ASLR/DEP on Win7 without the need of any ROP.” You cannot be too safe these days, so do what you can to be careful when it comes to online security, and you should be all right.

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