Uh-oh, it looks like Samsung and LG are at it again and this time it is over the eye-tracking technology that can be found on both the Samsung Galaxy S4, and the LG Optimus G Pro. According to LG (via Yonhap News), they claim that they own the patent to said technology which is available on the Optimus G Pro called the Smart Video which is similar to Samsung’s Smart Pause. This feature allows a video playing on the phone to be paused when the user looks away. LG has yet to file an official complaint but they are stating that they will be checking to see if Samsung’s Smart Pause feature has infringed upon their patent.

Naturally Samsung has denied such allegations, claiming that they have used their own technology and use a method different from LG to offer a similar experience. Since both the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the LG Optimus G Pro are both companies’ flagship phones of 2013, we can understand why both companies are up in arms over this. After all if a potential injunction is up for grabs, we expect that LG would want to capitalize on that, especially if it will give them an edge over their South Korean competitor.

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