According to a recent report by the Wall Street Journal (paid article), it seems that Microsoft will be offering price breaks on their Windows 8 and Microsoft Office software. Unfortunately these price breaks will not be for consumers, but rather they are catered towards OEMs in hopes that by making Windows 8 and Office cheaper to license, it will spur the development of smaller, touch-based Windows laptops. Apparently Windows 8 has not been doing so well due to Windows 8 notebooks and tablets being considered too expensive.

Digitimes has also reported the same thing and according to the deal Microsoft is reportedly offering OEMs, a Windows 8 plus Office bundle can be had for $30 for touchscreen devices under 10.8”. This is compared to the previous price which was set at a much more expensive $120. While that sounds good as far as OEMs are concerned, hopefully the reduction in price for them will be translated into retail price breaks for regular consumers as well.

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