japan-3gEarlier this year, we did read about how North Korea, the world’s most reclusive nation bar none, has taken a step into the 21st century, through allowing 3G connectivity for tourists and their smartphones. Well, it seems as though there is an about turn performed here, where tourists will no longer be able to take advantage of 3G connectivity there while roaming, and long term visitors are subject to restricted access.

This bit of information came from a tour group who claimed that such a program has already ended. Tourists, however, are still able to purchase SIM cards for international calling purposes, although they would not be able to gain access to the Internet. It seems that the 3G Koryolink access for foreigners “has been restricted to long term visitors/residents of Pyongyang only.” So far, the North Korean government has remained silent on the policy change, and we do wonder just how Dennis Rodman will be able to survive there without a mobile Internet connection the next time he jets there for his retreat.

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