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South Korean Intelligence Believes North Korean Hackers Behind $530M Coincheck Hack
One of Japan’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges, Coincheck, was hacked last month. Hackers stole digital currency worth $530 million and while no one came forward to claim responsibility for the hack, South Korea’s intelligence agency believes that North Korean hackers might have been behind the massive hack. Citing people in the know, Reuters reports that South Korean intelligence officials said during recent intelligence committee proceedings in the country’s parliament that it’s […]

North Korea Launches Its Own Video Streaming Service
There is certainly no shortage of video streaming services. Netflix is available in almost every country out there while popular services like Hulu and Amazon Video are available in a significant number of countries. However, there is one country that’s not served by any of these services, and that’s North Korea. Turns out, the DPRK has now released its very own video streaming service.

North Korea Back Online In Part
After reading about how North Korea experienced an Internet collapse earlier this morning, it seems that the reclusive country is back online – partially, of course. For one thing, we are quite sure that the country’s state news agency has seen its service restored, so folks in North Korea will be able to check out what the state news agency has to say about the latest developments around the world […]

North Korea's Red Star OS Looks Like Mac OS X Clone
They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but I do wonder how Apple fanboys would feel after checking out the screenshot above that depicts an upgraded version of Red Star OS, which is the operating system used on computers in North Korea. Don’t you think that the overall aesthetics found in the screenshot do bear a striking resemblance to the Mac OS X platform? The Red Star […]


North Korea May Launch A Cyber Attack Using Online Games
We’ve seen North Korea perform some interesting tactics in a way to disrupt the going ons online. Just a few years ago, they were jamming GPS signals within a 100km range and earlier this year, the country had prevented tourists from getting a 3G connection while they were in North Korea. That was only the tip of the ice berg as South Korean police are warning downloadable games might contain malware created […]

Anonymous Hacks Into North Korean Websites Again
Earlier this month, Anonymous revealed they had hacked a number of North Korea’s social networks as part of their “Operation Free Korea” campaign. It looks as though the organization isn’t stopping there as they have yet again launched an attack on a number of North Korean websites, resulting in complete control over the websites.Anonymous is claiming responsibility for hacking its way into North Korean’s news and information site, which has […]

South Korea Blames North For TV Stations, Banks Cyberattacks
A few weeks ago, we reported on three South Korean television broadcasters and two banks becoming victims of a widespread malware attack, which resulted in serious network outages. The attack was perpetrated by “Whois Team,” which according to South Korea’s internet security agency was carried out by North Korea.The attack was carried out by six computers located in North Korea accessing computer servers in South Korea, which used over a thousand […]

'North Korea Has Launched A Missile' Accidentally Tweeted By Japanese City
We think it’s safe to say tensions are high right about now in regards to what’s going on in North Korea these days. We recently saw Anonymous attempt to take matters into their own hands, but it looks like their efforts did nothing to curb North Korea’s efforts into launching a nuclear attack. It would seem they’re not the only ones who misfired as the Japanese city of Yokohama mistakingly […]

Anonymous Hacks North Korean Social Networks As Part Of 'Operation Free Korea'
We’re not sure if you’ve been keeping tabs on world news lately outside of reading about the latest Internet trends, but there’s some serious stuff going on in North Korea these days. Nearly everyone is watching to see what Kim Jong-un will do, while also preparing for the worst-case scenario at the same time. But infamous hacker group Anonymous has taken the initiative to launch a cyber attack at North […]

North Korea Prevents Tourists From Getting A 3G Connection
Earlier this year, we did read about how North Korea, the world’s most reclusive nation bar none, has taken a step into the 21st century, through allowing 3G connectivity for tourists and their smartphones. Well, it seems as though there is an about turn performed here, where tourists will no longer be able to take advantage of 3G connectivity there while roaming, and long term visitors are subject to restricted […]

South Korean Broadcasters, Banks Crippled By Malware Attacks
The digital world is starting to become a scary place with reports of numerous popular services getting hacked. We’ve seen ZenDesk, Evernote and even Dropbox suffer from hacker attacks, but a report is coming in from South Korea that may show how fragile our Internet infrastructure may be.Three South Korean television broadcasters and two banks have reported they may have been the victims of a widespread malware attack as they […]

North Korea Mobile Internet Coming, Residents To Sit This One Out As Usual
North Korea has been described as a failed or pariah state by many independent observers, where most of the power and wealth are all concentrated in the ruling military elite. Having said that, the country seems to care more about the pursuit of weapons rather than to make sure its citizens are well fed, and the latest development would be preparation of mobile Internet service, albeit not for residents. It […]

Google Earth Used To Pinpoint North Korean Labor Camps
Google’s Eric Schmidt planned to visit North Korea, did just that, and returned days later to say the country needs to embrace an open Internet. Seeing how Google Earth was used in order to pinpoint North Korean labor camps, we’re not entirely sure if the country would be all for an open Internet if they ever discover their camps have been ousted.A combination of human rights activists and bloggers used Google […]

Eric Schmidt Returns From North Korea, Urges Reclusive Country To Embrace The Web
We’ve been following Eric Schmidt’s visit to North Korea, and it looks like the Google Executive has returned from the four-day trip together with former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, Jared Cohen of Google Ideas, and Schmidt’s daughter, Sophie. In an interview with reporters at the Beijing International Airport, Schmidt said that North Korea is at risk of falling further behind if it continues to limit the access of the […]