North Korea has been described as a failed or pariah state by many independent observers, where most of the power and wealth are all concentrated in the ruling military elite. Having said that, the country seems to care more about the pursuit of weapons rather than to make sure its citizens are well fed, and the latest development would be preparation of mobile Internet service, albeit not for residents. It is just one month after cell phone access is made available to foreigners living inside the country, and it is nice to know that 3G mobile access to the Internet will soon arrive, although residents will have to give this a miss.

It is said that 3G service will be operational within North Korea’s borders by the time March 1st rolls around, although North Koreans will be unable to enjoy such a facility. Koryolink, a 3G mobile provider that is partially owned by the North Korean government, will soon open up subscription to monthly data plans for foreigners.

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