If you grew up watching Pokemon cartoon (and experienced the whole seizure bit on TV) while trying to catch them all on your monochrome Game Boy, and are still in love with the ever expanding portfolio of pocket monsters despite breaking your voice and growing to twice the height of your 12-year old self, then here is some electrifying news that ought to make you do a small jig wherever you are – the Pikachu themed Nintendo 3DS XL will be arriving in the US later today.


Nintendo’s official Pokemon Twitter account did post a teaser image late yesterday, asking fans of the yellow Pokemon (as well as those who have yet to pick up a 3DS XL that appeals to their design tastes) to look forward to today, and we would assume that official details, especially the important ones such as price and a release date, will be announced in a few hours’ time. So far, there were whispers of retail outlets having confirmed that they have already picked up shipments of the Pikachu Nintendo 3DS XL. Initial speculation of its price point have commanded a region of $250 to $300 – how much do you think is a fair price?

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