Heading to the doctor to have a blood test performed can be a pain in the neck, well, arm, really. Not only do you have to take time out of your day to get stabbed, but often times, doctors ask that you come in without eating anything, which can leave you a tad woozy if the medical facility takes its time drawing your blood. A new sensor may be just the thing we’ve been waiting for that will allow doctors know what’s up with your blood whenever they need it to be checked.

The blood-testing subdermal sensor was developed by a team of scientists in Switzerland that is able to instantly send a number of health metrics to smart devices via Bluetooth. The half-inch prototype can monitor your cholesterol, blood sugar levels and the impact of medical treatments like chemotherapy. Even more incredible, the device can predict heart attacks several hours before they may take place as it can sense the slightest change in the patient’s bloodstream.

The prototype has been tested on animals with researchers hoping to be able to test it on patients who would require regular monitoring of their blood.

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