The Raspberry Pi chipset has certainly seen a successful launch ever since it rolled out some time ago, so what better way to celebrate its “birthday” than with a gigantic cake? Yes sir, as you can see above, the cake (image courtesy of Element 14) itself comes in the form of, you’ve guessed it, the Raspberry Pi itself. Thing is, we would have liked it to come with a dash of raspberry flavor which it unfortunately does not, but you can consider this to be a marvelous piece of modern confectionery.

The Raspberry Pi cake was specially baked and presented to Pete Lomas of the Raspberry Pi Foundation and Andrew Robinson (the creator of PiFace) at the Embedded World conference in Nuremberg, Germany. I would definitely love to sink my teeth into this. You know, someone should celebrate each new version of the Android operating system by coming up with a cake that resembles the dessert name, or at least the dessert itself in the form of an Android mascot. How about opening up a geek-themed bakery?

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