sms-birth-certThose of us who live in countries where access to basic and decent healthcare are taken for granted, do spare a moment for folks living in Third World Countries. For instance, UNICEF reports that around two thirds of births that occur in sub-Saharan Africa go unregistered, but one of the countries, Ivory Coast, intends to buck this particular trend with the help of mobile technology to modernize the entire process. In fact, they intend to make every single birth count, with the Môh Ni Bah project spearheading this effort.


Môh Ni Bah hopes to encourage the registration of each birth without inconveniencing the new parents to go through long distances of travel, through the simple method of registering births with mobile phones. It does not sound too illogical since folks living in villages do possess some of the latest mobile devices, and have proper working knowledge of them. Of course, there needs to be effort to check incoming data for consistency and veracity before being sent to official birth registration centres.

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