samsung-premium9-ultrabookSamsung has just launched their latest “toy” for big boys, the Series 9 Premium Ultrabook, and while it might not seem all that new to you, that is because this particular model comes with Full HD resolution capability, which is a surefire way of gaining the interest of anyone who is shopping for a spanking new Ultrabook now. The latest model in the Series 9 range, will of course, bask in the glory of an LED-backlit 1920×1080 full HD display, one that is touted to offer up to 40% additional screen content compared to the standard 1600×900 HD+ display.

Other than that, you will find its SuperBright technology to deliver up to 50% more brightness compared to regular laptop displays for more vivid colors. The Samsung Series 9 Premium Ultrabook is said to be the ideal travel companion, and since it has Samsung’s PowerPlus charging technology that works in tandem with an advanced Lithium-Polyester battery, it has a lifespan of up to 1,500 cycles, which means the product is capable of lasting up to three times more compared to your average notebook battery. An Intel Core i7 processor runs proceedings from within, aided by a 256GB solid state drive and Windows 8 Pro in tow. [Press Release]

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