The speakers on our smartphones and tablets can hardly be compared to the quality and power of actual speakers, but since carrying external speakers with you while on the move is hardly practical, here’s an interesting solution you might want to take note of. Dubbed the ampjacket, these are a series of cases that have been launched for the iPad mini, iPod touch and the iPhone 5 that amplifies the sound coming from your iDevice naturally. This means that you will not need to carry an external speaker with you, and you won’t have to attach some additional accessory that will cause extra bulk.

From what we can see based on the design, it does make your iPhone a little thicker, but that’s the small price to pay to help amplify your phone’s volume. The ampjacket for the iPad mini has also been designed with Apple’s Smart Cover in mind, so you can use the Smart Cover to protect the screen, and the ampjacket to cover the back. Priced at $24.95 for the iPod touch, $29.95 for the iPhone 5 and $39.95 for the iPad mini, additional information on the ampjacket can be found on kubxlab’s website.

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