Google Maps’ Street View is a pretty handy way to get a better idea of the location, identify landmarks and so on, but as it turns out, it can apparently be used to catch cheating partners as well. Marina Voinova, a woman from Russia, accidentally found out that her fiancé was cheating on her while using Russia’s version of Google Maps, Yandex Maps. She was trying to look up an address using the service and when jumping into the street view version, she spotted her fiancé on the street getting pretty cozy with another woman.

When her fiancé returned home, she confronted him and showed him the computer. Naturally there’s nothing he could have said that would have helped him in that situation so he did the next best thing – confess. The couple have since broken off their engagement. We think under normal circumstances, it would have probably taken her much longer to find out her fiancé was cheating, and it was pure luck she stumbled across them in Street View, and to the conspiracy theorists out there, it definitely seems like we’re being watched all the time.

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