[CeBIT 2013] I met with Yunasko‘s co-founders Natalia Stryzhakova (Ph.D.) and Andrii Buvailo at CeBIT in Hannover. Yunasko develops ultracapacitors, which are energy storage devices with extremely high power capacities and fast charge / discharge profiles. For example, high power is required when you start an electrical vehicle (not when you drive it) or when the power in your computer suddenly shuts down and you need an immediate burst of power to take over.

According to Andrii Buvailo, regular capacitors have less efficiency than Yunasko products when it comes to Kilowatts stored per Kilogram. The patent-pending component provides almost 3 times more power per kilogram than the competition. Basically, it means that Yunasko is able to provide more power in a smaller form factor, a feature that is highly in demand for small consumer electronic devices or even for electrical vehicles that need to save some space and weight. For instance the ELF shown at CeBIT could benefit from this ultracapacitor.

Yunasko is a UK-based company started in 2010 with private investments, and it has subsidiaries in Ukraine, where the R&D is lead, and in Latvia, where the company is currently building a factory to fulfill the growing demand of its customer-base.

Watch the video to get a complete explanation about the technology by Andrii Buvailo.

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