TV Everywhere has been a dream for many people who would love to have their paid television subscription be viewable from anywhere in the world and not just the confines of their home, but cable companies have been having a rough time providing the service as both content providers and currently technology have made it rather difficult. Adobe is announcing they’re going to be taking on the TV Everywhere challenge by launching its Primetime service.

Adobe is announcing the launch of Primetime at this year’s NAB conference as it making the service available to more providers. The service most notably powered the apps and online video coverage of the London 2012 Olympics and is now being used by Comcast for its Xfinity app and NBC for a variety of sports broadcasts.

Adobe says Primetime will make it much easier and more profitable for both cable companies and content providers to roll out TV Everywhere as the service will combine the company’s video publishing, advertising and analytics products. On the other side of the spectrum, Primetime will also try to eliminate the mess customers experience as they need to install multiple apps, players, software, plug-ins and use multiple log-ins in order to access content they’re already paying for.

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