I’m sure many of us our fascinated by these big companies, companies that manufacture and develop hardware as well as software that make our lives easier. Microsoft is one such company, a big behemoth with great big offices located all around the world. The company’s original and main headquarters however is in Redmond, Washington. This amazing timelapse video from 1985 shows the headquarters being built from the ground up.

The company initially build its HQ on 88 acres of land in forest found near Seattle, this was Redmond, a name now synonymous with Microsoft itself. Four star shaped buildings were built and it took seven months to get done with the construction. Today Microsoft’s campus at the same location spans over 500 acres, it has a staggering 125 buildings with thousands of employees working in them. Check out the video posted above and get a glimpse in to the construction of Microsoft’s first ever mega office. Need I remind you not to expect exceptional video quality, regardless of the fact that it was taken as well as posted by Microsoft itself? The clip is from 1985 after all.

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