nextgen-led-ipadIt is more or less expected that with the launch of the iPad 5, the tablet will be receiving some upgrades. Presumably this will be a faster tablet, perhaps a better camera, and maybe an even thinner/lighter profile, and if the previous rumors are to be believed, a redesign as well to look like the iPad mini. While we have yet to see any of those changes acknowledged by Apple, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has published a research note in which he expresses his belief that the iPad 5 is expected to be 15% thinner and 25% lighter than the iPad 4, around 7.5-8.0mm and 500grams respectively, for those who prefer more exact figures.

At the same time Kuo believes that the iPad 5 will be adopting new hardware, such as more energy efficient chips and a display, meaning that there will not be a need for a larger battery, which translates into a smaller but thinner battery, allowing the overall weight and thinness of the tablet to be reduced. While Apple rumors should generally be taken with massive doses of salt, Kuo has in the past been pretty reliable when it comes to his predictions, and given the trend of things, a thinner and lighter iPad wouldn’t be completely out of the question.

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