It is no secret that Android smartphones account for 70% of the entire smartphone market. While its rival, the iPhone, maintains a clear lead in the U.S., Android has long passed it in the global market. One major reason for this is that Apple does not license iOS, whereas Android can be used by any mobile manufacturer in any part of the world. Despite its global success, Windows Phone Chief Head Myerson believes that Google’s mobile operating system is still “kind of a mess.”

Speaking at the D: Dive Into Mobile conference today, Head noted that Samsung is the only manufacturer that is really making money off of Android. He said that Windows Phone is thought to be more of a global competitor as they have momentum in markets where carrier subsidized phones are only a dream. He also snubbed Facebook Home, which sits on top of the core Android OS, and makes the smartphone more “people-centric.” While Google has said that Facebook Home is what open source is all about, Head believes that there’s probably an entire team at Google that is devoted to figuring out how they can quash Home. When asked about the possibility of Home like relationship of Facebook with Windows Phone devices, he didn’t rule it out, despite the company already labeling Home as an imitation of Windows Phone.

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