Microsoft is of the view that Facebook Home imitates Windows Phone and that the launch event for Facebook’s new Home on Android “was remarkably similar” to the launch event the Redmond based company did for its Windows Phone over two years back. This claim was made by Frank X. Shaw, Corporate Vice President of Corporate Communications at Microsoft, on the company’s official TechNet blog. Shaw says that when Microsoft got down to developing Windows Phone they put three words on the wall, “Put People First”, to guide the team that the phones should be developed around people that matter the most to a user and not the apps that they might use to reach them.

Shaw then praises Facebook, albeit sarcastically, saying that they understand why Facebook is finding a way to bring similar functionality to a platform that lacks it. He adds that Android users know that their platform is complicated enough without having to add another skin upon what is already a custom variant of the core OS. Shaw goes on to applaud Facebook for giving Android users a taste of people-centric phones, but suggests people that they get the “real thing and simply upgrade to a Windows Phone.”

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