If you’re the kind of person who has long conversations into the night with Siri, you may want to reconsider what you say to her as Apple has revealed they store conversations users have with Siri for up to two years.

The news was revealed in response to a story on Wired in regards to Siri’s privacy policy, which an Apple spokesperson revealed the up-to two year cycle the company withholds conversations with Siri. The spokesperson assures the data is completely untraceable and is only used for analysis. Once your conversation is uploaded to Apple, you’re given a random number which is used to associate your voice file. The random number, not your personal information, is what Apple then stores for up to two years.

Six months after your number has been stored, Apple will remove it from the Siri voice file, thus removing all ties to the original user. The voice file will continue to be stored at Apple for an additional 18 months in order to assist the company to improve Siri.

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