13.04.04-Age_RatingFor most of us, we are able to tell which apps are meant for kids, and which are more, well, grown-up friendly. However it seems that there are parents out there who are concerned about the apps in iTunes App Store and how Apple has not clearly stated which apps are suitable for kids, and which aren’t. Apple has since updated their iTunes App Store by posting age rating tags at the top of the apps to make it clear who these apps are meant for, and making it one of the first things parents or kids see when downloading. This is probably to curb future controversy like the Vine and 500px app that featured nudity, although in Vine’s case it was unintentional, and 500px was more “artsy” if anything. The age rating tag will also help parents remember to set parental controls in case they forget them, which hopefully will prevent their kids from coming across adult material, or racking up thousands of dollars in in-app purchases, a scenario which is becoming increasingly common these days.

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