They say that truth is stranger than fiction sometimes, and here we are with a throwback to 1993, a time when the SNES and Sega Megadrive have been duking it out big time for some time already (I still remember how the Megadrive’s version of Mortal Kombat was more popular because it came with red-colored blood, the way it should be instead of the watered down version on the SNES), and Ghostbusters as well as Ninja Turtles were all the rage. Well, AT&T proved to have a tinge of clairvoyance back then, where they ran a bunch of ads that you can see compiled in the video above which started with “Have you ever…”, where their vision of the future was continued with what seemed to be impossible at that point in time.

For instance, one of the ads showed off a couple in a car who were on the receiving end of turn-by-turn instructions simply because the guy did not stop to ask for directions. All right, so I am getting ahead of myself here, adding in a little bit of creative expounding on that ad, but back in 1993, it did show how GPS might be part of our future, too. What would you like to see 20 years from now as you peer into your crystal ball?

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