blackberry-10-displays-adult-videos-status-updateWe all know some time in our lives, we’re going to turn to the Internet to handle certain “adult urges” that we may need to relieve. One of the last things most people wouldn’t want to share is their viewing habits, especially if you’re into some stuff that wouldn’t be considered “normal.” Even though you do your best to steer clear of the share buttons on various adult websites, if you’re viewing them on your BlackBerry 10 device, then the cat may already be out of the bag.


BlackBerry’s BBM allows you to share what music you’re listening to on your device’s media player by displaying it in your status update. That seemed like a good idea in the past, but it seems in BlackBerry 10, videos played in your device’s browser trigger its media player, which then activates its “music” update feature. This means any video you’re viewing, especially those that you’d like to keep private, will be shared through your BBM’s status update, which you can see an example of in the image displayed in this article.

Luckily, the feature is turned off by default, but if you activated it with your BlackBerry 10 device, you might want to consider watching these private videos on something that isn’t your BlackBerry Z10.

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Product NameQ10Z10
Diagonal (inches)3.1"4.2"
Battery Capacity (mAh)2100 mAh1800 mAh
Processor NameSnapdragon S4 (LTE version)/ TI OMAP 4470 (Non-LTE)Snapdragon S4 Plus
RAM Options2GB2GB
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