We’ve covered the whole Boeing 787 Dreamliner saga here. The jet was grounded earlier this year after its faulty battery system caused emergency landing of one flight and filling up of smoke in another. Since then Boeing has developed a new battery system, it has conducted flight certification tests, and only last week the FAA cleared its new battery system which will now be installed on Dreamliner planes that are sitting in hangars across the world. Flights have not resumed as of now, but are expected to in the near future.


Today during the fiscal results call, Boeing CEO Jim McNerney said that the aircraft manufacturer is likely to resume deliveries by next month. The company expects to fix all 50 aircraft with the new battery systems by mid-May. Those who, like me, are aching to get on board a 787 would then have to wait for airlines to schedule flights on this jet. Boeing posted a profit of almost 20% in its earnings report despite analyst’s estimates on the contrary, it seems not all investors have been put off by the whole 787 Dreamliner episode.

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