Being able to fund your gaming addiction is pretty difficult, especially if you don’t have the means to keep up with it, which results in your competitors beating you on a regular basis due to the fact you can’t afford better gear. But a 19-year-old Chinese man thought turning into a drug dealer would give him the cash he needed in order to buy better in-game gear in an MMORPG he was hooked on.


Wang reportedly spent most of his days playing online video games inside of an Internet cafe, where he also worked as an attendant. Through his time at the cafe, he became addicted to an MMORPG where player-versus-player battles were very important.

Wang was good, but there were still players who were better than him, which led him to become frustrated he wasn’t able to kill the better players. Unfortunately, Wang didn’t have the funds to buy better gear, which a long-time patron decided to “help” him out by introducing him to the drug-dealing world, saying it was a fast way to make money.Wang’s career as a drug-dealer didn’t last long as officials were able to catch him due to one of his customers giving him up.

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