We’re sure the man who has been spending the last six years at an Internet cafe can be considered a person who is addicted to not only the Internet, but games itself as he spends the majority of his waking moments at the cafe. But until he admits he has a problem, he’ll just continue living his life at the Internet cafe. That is, unless he one day becomes so addicted he calls the police on himself.

A 22-year-old Chinese man called the cops on himself after a two-day Internet cafe binge asking authorities to keep him away from the Internet. The man took his Internet addiction extremely serious as he sold his laptop and smartphone and even took a job with long hours to help him fight his own addiction. Ultimately, he couldn’t fight the urge to visit the Internet as he found himself in an Internet cafe in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province where he spend two whole days there. Realizing he had lost his battle with Internet addiction, he proceeded to call the police, saying “Lock me up for a few months, I can’t control myself.”

Since you’re on the Internet right now, we know you probably enjoy it as much as the next guy, but can have you ever experienced an Internet addiction as bad as the Chinese man featured in this story, or worse?

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