chrome-for-businessIt goes without saying that any decent modern day office would come with at least one computer, whether it is for administrative purposes or simply as a productivity tool. Having said that, what kind of browser do you run in your enterprise environment? Assuming you have heard so much about Chrome from Google and have been raring to give it a chance, how about now, considering how additional improvements for Chrome at the office have been introduced recently.


The browser, after all, is a program that will see action most of the day, where it is used to access useful information, remain connected with people, and even to run web apps, regardless of whether you are at home, at work, or on the move. Chrome for Business might be the ideal candidate at the office, where it offers the flexibility for your IT administrator to configure Chrome so that it can automatically launch an alternate browser whenever you are running a web app built for older browsers. Should you want to use Chrome at work but fall back on older apps, it is painless ot switch seamlessly between the two browsers. That ought to provide you with enough peace of mind, no?

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