Whatever the next iPhone turns out to be, one thing we’ll pretty certain about is it will sell millions of units, even if it’s just a simple upgrade to the device’s internal specs and doesn’t offer any real evolution. But an iPhone with a larger screen is something some current owners would love to have, even Donald Trump.

Yes – Donald Trump is now throwing his two cents into the tech world as he is pretty much demanding Apple increase the size of the iPhone’s screen by way of sending a message out through Twitter and Facebook. Trump said the following:

I have a lot of @Apple stock— and I miss Steve Jobs. Tim Cook must immediately increase the size of the screen on the iPhone. It should be slightly larger than the Samsung screen- and they better get it right fast because they will lose a lot of business. I like the larger screen.

We’re not sure why Trump decided now would be the best time to become vocal about the iPhone, especially when he isn’t known to share his opinions in regards to the tech world on a regular basis. We’re not sure if an iPhone with a larger screen would magically make non-iPhone owners want to pick one up. What do you think?

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