We have all read, seen and heard a lot about Google Glass. The technology looks cool and there is no doubt that many of us are simply aching to just try it on, possessing one would be a dream come true for some. Google recently conducted the #IfIHadGlass competition on Twitter, in which people had to tweet their innovative ideas of using Glass, those who won were given the Explorer status and would be entitled to a unit after paying the $1,500 fee. An Explorer, who goes by the name Ed, tried to sell his unit online just so he could pay off his student loans. Earlier this week he took down the listing. He listed it up for sale without even owning it at the time.

Explorers who have been given Google Glass units by the company are strictly prohibited from selling or loaning the glasses to anyone else. Google has already said they will brick the Explorer’s Glass if he or she sells or loans it. Ed said that he voluntarily took down the auction after he learnt about this rule. A student from Georgia Institute of Technolog, Kevin Dietze, successfully sabotaged this auction by posting its link on a chat group for Glass Explorers from where people artificially inflated the price up to an unbelievable bid of $95,000.

Kevin said that he wanted to stop the auction from completing because Ed doesn’t care about the technology, he merely wants to turn over a profit. How many of you agree with Kevin? Besides that, Google would have bricked Ed’s unit anyway so if the price wasn’t falsely inflated and the unit would have been sold, the purchaser was likely to take a big hit.

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