Google announced its Google Glass Explorer Editions were beginning to ship in waves to their respective buyers, but what exactly will $1,500 get these selected pioneers? We recently saw an infographic from artist Martin Missfeldt who went through the trouble of compiling information through a number of sources, but we still don’t know what the specs are for the Google Glass. That is, until today as Google has officially announced what is under the hood of its Google Glass.

The Google Glass Explorer Editions will have a 5MP camera capable of taking video up to 720p, has 16GB of internal storage (of which, 12GB is usable), feature 802.11b/g and a display that will be equivalent to a 25-inch HD screen if you’re standing 8 feet away from the TV. Most importantly is its battery, which Google says will last the user a full day with typical use, although Hangouts and video recording may quicken its battery drain.

An all-day battery is probably one of the most important things for the Google Glass, which is probably why the device only uses 802.11b/g as supporting 802.11n may eat at its battery too much. For the device just being a pair of glasses with a small computer attached to it, these specs are pretty impressive, especially its 16GB of internal storage.

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