Facebook Home was only recently announced. Dubbed their new Home on Android, it debuts with the HTC First which will be released on April 12th. Facebook has now posted a document online in which it answers some of the questions that users have been asking in regard to what information Facebook Home collects and why. This document is a move on their part to quickly address any and all privacy related concerns that potential users may have at this point in time. At the very beginning it is explained that Facebook Home in no way changes a user’s privacy settings on Facebook and that their privacy controls work exactly the way they’ve set them.

Users don’t have to use Home in order to access Facebook on Android, they don’t get Home unless they themselves choose to by either buying a device with Home pre-installed or by downloading it through Google Play Store. There’s also the option of turning off Home from Home Settings and not having it appear as the lock screen. Facebook related data such as likes, comments, posts etc is collected. Home may also collect other information about how the user uses it, like the list of apps they have installed in the Home app launcher. This information is stored in identifiable form for 90 days for providing the service and improving how it works.

Facebook Home also collects data on which apps send notifications to the user’s phone, but it is not privy to the content of those notifications. It is clarified that third party app notifications only work on devices that come with Home pre-installed. This is Home’s data collection policy of now and it may be changed in the future. In other news, do check out our Facebook Home demo.

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