facebook-home-leak-killFacebook Home, for those unfamiliar, is a launcher for Android devices which basically deeply integrates Facebook into the phone, allowing users a more immerssive Facebook experience. The UI itself is pretty sleek and we have to say that it looks a lot better than what manufacturers out there are installing on their phones these days. However will Facebook Home be a pure Android experience? Will Facebook Home ever arrive on iOS devices or maybe even Windows Phone?

According to Facebook’s director of product, Adam Mosseri in an interview with Bloomberg, he has revealed that Facebook has been in talks with Apple and Microsoft about the possibility of somehow making Facebook Home part of their mobile platform as well. Mosseri claims that the talks are more about showing what Facebook has built and that nothing has been finalized just yet. Considering the rather closed nature of iOS and Windows Phone, allowing the entire OS to be replaced by Facebook might seem like quite a stretch, but what do you guys think about the possibility, yay or nay?

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