Getting a package delivered to your home can be quite the experience as we often feel like a kid on Christmas Day wondering what wonders were delivered to us today. But having the actual delivery person leave a package at your front door while you’re in the shower can be tricky, and has probably left you enraged, especially when your entire day revolves around a particular package. FedEx knows your pain, and as a result, has updated its mobile app to make the experience of receiving your packages from them a little bit better.

The FexEx Mobile app received an update today that now makes it possible for you to sign for your packages, reroute a package to another address or provide delivery instructions to the driver. The new functionality is a part of FedEx’s new Delivery Manager feature, which is similar to UPS’ “UPS My Choice” service. And just like UPS My Choice, you’ll need to sign up for FedEx’s Delivery Manager feature, although it’s a completely free service to use, as long as you don’t consider time to equal money.

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