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FedEx Enticing Online Sellers With Two-Day Air Shipping At Ground Rates
Logistics behemoth FedEx recently confirmed that it won’t be renewing its express air service contract with Amazon. The company was quick to point out that Amazon’s business accounted for a small portion of this business and that it will continue to work with the e-commerce giant for other forms of delivery. FedEx is now reportedly enticing online sellers with the very same two-day express air delivery service at the same […]

Amazon Loses Its FedEx Express Contract
Amazon is the most dominant e-commerce company in the United States and accounts for a sizable chunk of business for logistics companies like FedEx and UPS in addition to the United States Postal Service. However, Amazon has been increasing its efforts to own its entire logistics chain and that has been giving logistics companies cause to evaluate their relationship with the e-commerce giant. FedEx has thus made a decision to […]

FedEx Shows Off Its Autonomous Delivery Robot
Many companies big and small have been experimenting with autonomous delivery robots. You can now add logistics giant FedEx to the list. The company has announced its new FedEx SameDay Bot. It’s an autonomous robot which the company says will be able to make “last mile” deliveries more efficient. These kind of robots will primarily be put to use for short-range deliveries.

eBay Brings Drop-Off Locations To 1,600 FedEx Office Stores
eBay today announced that it’s taking its partnership with FedEx even further by bringing its Valet drop-off locations to more than 1,600 FedEx Office stores across the United States. The stores will gradually be rolled out across the country over the next few months, a total of 1,600 locations will be available to eBay users.


FedEx's Pricing Change Could Hit Online Shopping
Online shopping is on the rise and it certainly isn’t going away anytime soon. Major retailers and brands have set up their own online stores to supplement revenues from brick and mortar stores. Customers now have less reasons to go to a physical store when they can simply get what they need delivered to them. However with FedEx’s planned pricing change the world of online shopping might be hit hard.

FedEx Non-chalant About Drone Deliveries
Drone deliveries could be the next big thing when it comes to courier services. Just ask Amazon with their Amazon Prime Air program, as well as UPS and DHL who are looking into the possible integration with their existing services. How about FedEx who has long claimed to deliver to the world on time? It seems that FedEx has dabbled in the world of delivery drones, but they are none […]

FedEx Now Accepts Signatures For Deliveries Through Mobile App Update
Getting a package delivered to your home can be quite the experience as we often feel like a kid on Christmas Day wondering what wonders were delivered to us today. But having the actual delivery person leave a package at your front door while you’re in the shower can be tricky, and has probably left you enraged, especially when your entire day revolves around a particular package. FedEx knows your […]

FedEx planning surge volume event on the 21-24 September, coincides with rumored iPhone release date
Many believe that the 21st of September could be when Apple will release the iPhone 5, but unfortunately that date cannot be confirmed yet. Hopefully Apple’s 12th of September announcement will reveal those details. However the folks at MacRumors have learnt that FedEx is planning a surge volume event on the 21st to the 24th of September which appears to coincide with Apple’s iPhone release date. Of course given that […]

FedEx website allows direct printing from Box, Google Drive, and Dropbox
If you happen to have some documents stashed in the online cloud known as Box, Google Drive and Dropbox, here is some news for you that you might want to consider taking advantage of the next time you need to print something urgently – FedEx has just expanded their cloud operations recently, where you are now able to print documents right from Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box, directly from FedEx’s […]

FedEx human power couriers at SxSW 2012
If you happen to be at SxSW 2012 or dropped by for a while, you might have caught the FedEx human power couriers walking around. These folks are not there to help deliver a package or document, but rather, they walk around, giving opportunities to SxSW 2012 attendees who have gadgets that have run low on battery power. Wearing special FedEx jackets and pants that have been outfitted with mophie […]

FedEx addresses computer monitor video
If you’ve been checking out internet videos over the past few days, I’m pretty sure you would have stumbled upon the video clip of a FedEx worker who was caught red-handed nonchalantly tossing a computer monitor over a fence. The man didn’t even bother ringing the doorbell or attempted to place the monitor down carefully – he just tossed it over the fence like it was the normal thing to […]

FedEx Dreams Of A Robotic Plane Fleet In The Future
While we’re busy thinking of having robots fetch us beer at home, FedEX CEO Fred Smith is already envisioning a future where unmanned flying drones will be able to deliver packages to consumers, instead of being limited to military duties only. In his vision, these planes will not be entirely unmanned, rather a lead plane would be piloted by a human, but a squadron of robotic cargo planes will follow […]

FedEx Introduces All Electric Trucks For Delivery
Next in line to jump on the green bandwagon is FedEx, as the delivery company has rolled out its first all-electric FedEx delivery trucks in the U.S. With that in place, FedEx will begin to send its first four electric vans out on the roads of Los Angeles, doing its bit for the environment, while also delivering your parcels. This certainly won’t come cheap, as the truck’s 80kWh battery apparently […]

FedEX SenseAware
Do you constantly worry about your important package that is being shipped to your friend? Well, with FexEX’s SenseAware, you’ll certainly get much better info regarding your package, than the traditional tracking number. The device uses an accelerometer, light sensor, cellular transmitter and GPS receiver to gather and report data on how the package is treated, and even whether it was opened in the desired location. You’ll be able to […]