fedex-droneDrone deliveries could be the next big thing when it comes to courier services. Just ask Amazon with their Amazon Prime Air program, as well as UPS and DHL who are looking into the possible integration with their existing services. How about FedEx who has long claimed to deliver to the world on time? It seems that FedEx has dabbled in the world of delivery drones, but they are none too thrilled to introduce the concept into the market.

FedEx CEO Frederick Smith, who spoke with Wall Street analysts during their quarterly earnings call, laughed when approached concerning the topic of delivery drones, and shared that their Chief Information Officer was looking into the situation. Robert B. Carter, FedEx’s Chief Information Officer, is a quadrotor enthusiast, and his most recent drone research results pointed to a drone that can “operate about eight minutes and carry about four Budweiser beers,” which hopefully, was said in jest rather than seriousness. Do you think that delivery drones will one day be the ideal way of getting packages arrive in front of your doorstep? Are there any existing services that have been totally computerized and automated at the moment, that you miss the human touch?

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