While Donal Trump takes to his Twitter and Facebook profile to demand Apple create an iPhone with a larger screen, it looks like the company will soon be riding the original iPhone off into the sunset, according to a leaked internal Apple document.

The leaked documentation says the original iPhone, which debuted six years ago in 2007, will enter “obsolete” status starting on June 11, 2013. This means for those of you who still use the original iPhone, although we’d question why you’ve gone this long with its EDGE connection, won’t be able to have it serviced at Apple Stores around the world.

Fortunately, the iPhone will be seen as a vintage item, which means AppleCare and Authorized Service Providers will still be able to service the device if you call them directly. At this point, we hope this bit of news will be the spark you need in order to ditch your original iPhone in order to pick up something like the iPhone 5. We’re sure you’ll enjoy its 4G speeds way more than the 2G EDGE speeds you were getting with the first iPhone.

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