google-glass-8000-winnersIf you are a developer who has more than just a passing interest in the upcoming phenomenon that is known as Google Glass, I am quite sure that your patience has been wearing thin after what seemed to be forever ever since you placed a pre-order for the Google Glass Explorer Edition. Well, we cannot blame you, considering how the pre-orders were taken at Google I/O last June. TechCrunch has some good news however, as they claim that said developers should be able to wrap their fingers around their Google Glass shipment “within the next month“.

I guess if you were one of those who placed your pre-order, it is time to head to the bank and make sure that you have $1,500 in your bank account, otherwise you will most probably suffer from sleepless nights. Bear in mind that no one is going to walk away with a free Google Glass, regardless of whether you are a developer or contest winner, $1,500 will still need to exchange hands before that.

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