google-oled-patent-569x650While manufacturers like Samsung can boast all they want about their beautiful AMOLED displays, the problem is that at zero battery, it won’t matter how beautiful your display is. One of the current ways to improve battery life is by decreasing the brightness of your phone’s display, but it seems that Google might have a more innovative means of doing so by actually changing the quality of your display depending on your battery level. What this means is that it no longer becomes an issue of how bright or dark your display is, but other variables are taken into consideration as well.


As you can see in the flow chart above, Google’s patent describes three different levels that your phone’s display will be adjusted depending on how much battery life is left. It will first disable blur and animation functions, followed by decreasing your display’s resolution, and finally allow for certain colors to appear on the OLED display. It sounds like an interesting solution although we have to wonder if Google’s method will actually work in real life, and would this method be more preferable to simply dimming the brightness of your device. There’s no word on if Google ever plans to introduce this feature to future devices, but what do you guys make of this?

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