google-glass-8000-winnersEarlier this morning, we uncovered more information concerning the upcoming Google Glass, which is a pricey “toy” for big boys, and here are some additional information concerning Google Glass if you happen to be a developer who wants to roll out apps for what could very well be a new fad in the world of portable consumer electronics. It seems that Google has informed developers that they are not allowed to include ads within the Google Glass’ display – which could be seen as Google wanting to protect their “territory”, so to speak.


Not only that, the recently published terms and conditions for developers who are working on apps for Google Glass also seem to frown upon the charging of apps by companies. How will this affect app developers in the long run when it comes to Google Glass? Will developers continue to bite? Perhaps, as it is still a relatively new hardware market, and you would definitely want to be there when it “explodes”, where first mover advantage with a solid history or background would then see you start rolling in the big bucks.

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