instabeat-0Google Glass might be designed for the average user in mind, but what if one were an athlete who demanded more sports oriented information to be displayed in front of them? Well we guess that’s where Instabeat comes in. Instabeat, which as you can imagine from the photo above, is a device designed for swimmers in mind where a sensor is strapped to the swimmer’s goggles in which performance information can be displayed, such as the swimmer’s heart rate. We know that there already exists heart rate monitors for swimmers, but with the Instabeat, swimmers will be able to continuously monitor their heart rate without having to stop and look at a heart rate monitor watch or a similar sort of device.

The good thing about Instabeat is that it is an attachment, meaning that if you have a favorite pair of goggles, you should be able to attach Instabeat to it. Interestingly though, it seems that Instabeat will be able to detect the wearer’s heart rate through their temporal artery via an optical sensor, meaning that swimmers will not need to strap any additional devices to themselves. As it stands the Instabeat is an Indiegogo project seeking funding, so if you’d like to see it made a reality, head on over to its Indiegogo page for the details.

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