smartphone-camera-remote-01We’re at Imaging Week in Seoul, Korea and I found a good use case for those camera remote control apps on Android or iOS (here, this guy runs it on the Samsung Galaxy S3). I’ve been in many camera media briefings where various brands were touting this type of capability, but I had yet to see someone using this in the real world. Now it’s done, and he really needed it.


Basically, the photographer here had his camera on a stick that was 24 feet high (7 meters) so that he could take photos of the trade show from up high. He is using is smartphone as a remote display and remote shutter controller to accurately see what he was shooting. This is a pretty cool use of the remote feature since he can see what the final photo looks like with as much details as if he had the camera in front of him.

Have you thought of using something like this? What would you use it for? Leave a comment to let us know.

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