lg-bed-vacuumThe bedroom should be one of the cleanest rooms in any home, considering how private it is, and you would definitely prefer to sink your face into a fluffy and nice smelling pillow, don’t you? Well, for those of us who have this apparent allergy to dust, you might want to consider getting anti-dust mite pillow and mattress protectors, in addition to a decent performing vacuum cleaner for your bed. LG of South Korea might just have the vacuum that you are looking for with the Bedding King, which sports a powerful vibrating punch that knocks backs and forth 8,000 times per minute in an effort to remove invisible dust.

The Bedding King will not only make short work of dust bunnies, but is powerful enough to remove ticks and hairs within the bed thanks to motion vibration, sucking them all in with powerful suction power and enlists the assistance of a soft rotation brush to boot. The pair of high performing HEPA filters are capable of trapping small dust particles (99.99%), while ensuring that your air is cleaner all round at home.

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